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One afternoon last spring, I sat on my patio and drew this nearby bush. At the time, the bush had a lot of leaves, and before I could draw all of them, it had become cold and dark, and I had become sick of looking at foliage. But since then, the bush has been pruned so much that it looks just like my drawing. Is it a coincidence? At any rate, I suppose I can now consider it a finished picture.


Ink and Tria marker


Thanks to the amazing waterbrush, I was able to get some painting done on the plane trip. I was going to paint this orange, but somehow it was eaten first. It’s just as well, though, because the peel was much more interesting.

orange peel

orange peel

They were tasty.

onions and shallots
About 4″x6″

This Etch-a-Sketch resides in my parents’ china cabinet. They won’t let me have it back, even though it was my favorite Etch-a-sketch (although at one point they did send me a big box of assorted Etch-a-Sketches as compensation) so I thought that since I’m here, I should photograph it before it’s wiped clean by a freak Illinois earthquake.

It is after “Forum Viewed from the Farnese Gardens” by Corot.


As I was saying before, airports are full of cooperative models. I sketched these two yesterday.


Doesn’t the tray table remind you of a tiki?

A couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend in Seattle. I found out when I got to the room that my boyfriend had asked for the highest floor available, just so I would be able to sketch the city. Amazing.






It’s been a while since I had figure drawing sessions to go to, but they started up again this weekend. This one is the last drawing I did, and the one I’m the most proud of:

I’m going on a trip to visit my parents next week, which should be awesome for two reasons. I’m excited to see my family, but also, airports are full of people who are holding very still and paying no attention to the people around them. In other words, excellent models. For example, this is a page from the sketchbook I took along on my last trip:
nintendo girl
I believe she was playing New Super Mario Bros., in case you were wondering.

Here are a couple of still lifes of things in my kitchen. First, one from July of some vegetables I bought at the farmers market (and the bag they came home in):


7″ x 12″, ink and Tria marker on Bristol

And this one is from last week.


6.5″ x 9″, ink and watercolor on Stonehenge paper