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I was looking for some waterproof ink the other day, to draw this little pig thing with, which I bought at a zoo, and which is recycled from plastic bags or something. I like zoos a lot, and I go to a lot of them, and I plan to post some animal pictures shortly from the zoo I went to last week. At any rate, I turned the house upside-down looking for some ink and all I could find was a little red bottle that was at least 30 years old. At some point during the last few decades, somebody had screwed the cap on wrong and now it wouldn’t come off. After several hours of trying, I got the ink to come out by drilling a series of holes in the cap and draining it drop by drop into a jar.

When I went to add some watercolor, I found that the ink was not even remotely waterproof. Despite that, I think it came out well, so here it is:

pig thing

Ink and watercolor


Ink and Tria Marker

My favorite drawing from the last session:

I pass this spot almost every day, and I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in town. The orchards across the river were still green when I drew this picture back in September. I’m told they grow cherries and apples out there. It’s all very brown out there now, and I can’t wait for spring to come so I can do landscapes again.

It ended up taking several afternoons to complete this picture. On the last day I was out there, the Hanford police came by to see what I was doing (the land behind the fence is owned by the US Department of Energy. I decided to leave out the No Trespassing sign.), but they seemed satisfied that I was just drawing. A school bus drove by at one point, so I put it in. It’s across the river on the far right of the picture.

Columbia River
11″ x 14″, ink, Tria marker, and colored pencil on Bristol

shoe heap
26 x 36 cm, bamboo pen + ink and watercolor on Arches paper.

Apart from painting orange peels, I drew a few of my fellow passengers, mostly sleeping.

sleeping on a plane
I really enjoyed drawing this man’s eyebrows (above).

reading on a plane

sleeping on a plane, also