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Almost dry, and ready for color #3. The shiny bits are still wet.

tawny frogmouth print drying


This last session both of our models were women. These were my favorite drawings, one of each model.

Also, I mentioned worrying that a freak Illinois earthquake could wipe out the Etch-a-sketch that lives in my parents’ china cabinet. Well, early this morning they did have a freak earthquake. I’m told that my Etch-a-sketch drawing is still intact.



The first color is done, and almost dry. It doesn’t look like much yet.

I can never set up a still life that satisfies me, but that’s OK, because I can’t keep my home free from clutter either. So as long as I can keep the clutter colorful and interesting to draw, I’ve solved my problem.

bookcase and clutter
14″x11″, ink and Tria marker