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It has been too long!







Our model had just had surgery and her feet were bandaged.

This model is amazing. She never moves.

I wasn’t feeling well enough to stand for four hours, so I brought a sketchbook and pens instead of charcoal to figure drawing last time. I did color this one in, but then decided it had looked nicer in black and white (and thanks to Photoshop, that’s how you get to see it).


This last session both of our models were women. These were my favorite drawings, one of each model.

Also, I mentioned worrying that a freak Illinois earthquake could wipe out the Etch-a-sketch that lives in my parents’ china cabinet. Well, early this morning they did have a freak earthquake. I’m told that my Etch-a-sketch drawing is still intact.



One of the other artists ended up in the picture this week.


My favorite drawing from the last session:

It’s been a while since I had figure drawing sessions to go to, but they started up again this weekend. This one is the last drawing I did, and the one I’m the most proud of:

I’m going on a trip to visit my parents next week, which should be awesome for two reasons. I’m excited to see my family, but also, airports are full of people who are holding very still and paying no attention to the people around them. In other words, excellent models. For example, this is a page from the sketchbook I took along on my last trip:
nintendo girl
I believe she was playing New Super Mario Bros., in case you were wondering.