The Willard, as seen from my hotel window in Washington, DC.





Sadly the Nationals lost, but I was able to make some sketches of the players, umpires and fans on Sunday.




It has been too long!




I thought the harbors looked a little too safe to require lighthouses, so I made some improvements.

(Click images for larger versions)

Special thanks to my cat for his photography assistance.

To view it, gaze through it until the images converge (like a Magic Eye picture).   Click on the image for a larger version with much better looking 3D.

While watching Godzilla vs Mothra yesterday, I thought I’d arrange the Mothra song for my Kikkerland DIY music box. I’ve had it for a while now, and it’s time that I prove to my mother that all those years of music lessons did not go to waste. And all those hours playing with Mario Paint on my SNES. The program has very similar limitations to a music box, and I actually used Mario Paint Composer to work out the composition before punching any holes.

For those of you who are not as big Mothra fans as I am, here’s the song from the 1964 Mothra vs Godzilla.

Mothra oh Mothra
Hear our call for you to save us
over time, over sea
like a wave you come
our guardian angel
Mothra oh Mothra
the people have forgotten kindness
their spirit falls to ruin
we shall pray for the people as we sing
this song of love


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