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I tend to collect things, and this urge usually kicks in with me when I’ve accumulated three similar objects. When I first got a digital camera I was snapping pictures of everything around me, partly to practice, and partly for the novelty of being able to take as many pictures as I wanted without wasting film. Well, at some point I’d snapped pictures of three different fire alarm pull stations, and suddenly I needed to photograph every different kind of fire alarm that exists.

I bought some blank booklets a while ago, and I’m filling the first one with images of my fire alarms cut from cardstock. These are the first five pages.

fire alarm pull stationfire alarm pull stationfire alarm pull stationfire alarm pull stationfire alarm call point


This sheep was kind enough to pose for me at the Benton Franklin County Fair this weekend.

The stegosaurus is a Mold-O-Rama.
coffee table

These are fun to draw.

This model is amazing. She never moves.

I’d been doing some Celtic knotwork, and this happened.

Making color woodcuts is exciting because they look so strange until the very end. You never really know if they’re going to work until they’re done.

tawny frogmouth